Palm Sunday

Celebrating Jackie Tuttle's 10th Anniversary as our church administrator

Fun with kazoos during Children's Time

Community Activity - St. Patrick's Day and Spring Crafts

Community Craft Activity - Valentine's Day Cards

              Harrison Hall

1st Sunday of Advent Community Crafts in partnership with Arts Alliance of Three Rivers

Our wonderful group that helped Deck the Church Halls 2017

Our wonderful group that helped Deck the Church Halls

Our family at Community Presbyterian Church celebrating the Advent Season with fun activities and fellowship.

Volunteering at the Local School Halloween Carnival

Jennifer and Tracy LaMar report on their mission trip to Nepal

Church Life

Global Exchange Craft Project

What: 25 colorful yarn necklaces woven by our church members to send along to the 2017 Presbyterian Women Global Exchange conference in Indonesia this September.

Why: The GLOBAL EXCHANGE Conference will be attended by women from around the world to share stories of their home church communities, strengthen their faith, exchange ideas for ways to fulfill our denomination’s goals that include reducing poverty in our communities, furthering world and local peace, addressing racism and human slavery in our communities, and helping to care for our planet’s health.

The necklaces we made will be given, along with hundreds made by other churches around the earth, to each delegate at this Global Exchange 2017 and will carry our prayers for the wearer.

For more information please click the link below:

Easter Sunday 2017

Fellowship Hour

Christmas 2016

Jazz Sunday 2016